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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Salty snack of the week

Salt 'n' potato based snack of the week - Pringles Xtreme Smokin' Ribs.
They are disgusting. I should know - I ate quite a lot of them, before I decided....

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scots wurd o' the day

Well there are three ackshully.

First off - "Shallmillens" n. meaning fragments. "I seem to have sat on a packet of Hobnobs and now I'm afraid they're in shallmillens. Gutted. Serve me right for keeping them in my back pocket."

(Blimey I'm a bit tense today - post just dropped through the letterbox and I about jumped out of my skin.)

Secondly - "Strang-pig" - n. a vessel for preserving urine as a lye. "I'm off down to Ikea to get another Strang-pig - thon one's no' hauf sprung a leak."

Thirdly - everyone knows this one but I'm putting it in as it's one of my favourites - "Stravaig" v. to saunter, stroll; to go about aimlessly and idly. "I've spent my whole life stravaiging about and whit's wrang wi' that? You got a problem wi' me?" *nut*

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Scots wurd o' the Day

Leafing through Chambers's Scots Dictionary again.

Today's wurd - well, I can't decide.

I'll have two.

"Dementit". Duz wot it sez on the tin. But I think it sounds way better than "demented".

'Ye're drivin' me fair dementit wi' yer sprauchlin''.

Second wurd - "Demellit", which means hurt, or injured. A new one on me. 'Ah'm fair demellit efter thon barney we hud so ah am.'