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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Parlour Games

"What's orange, has three noses, five legs and - final clue - and surely you'll get it with this one - breath that smells off.  Sorry OF.  That's breath that smells OF newspaper.  Come on  - answer me someone." Geoffrey tapped his pen against his beak. "I haven't got all day."
"Oh do shut up Geoffrey," I snapped. "It's three in the morning.  We've been at this for hours."
"How are we supposed to know?" asked the Tupfinder General. "For pity's sake.  I'm going to get some air.  Unlock the shackles will you?"
"Not Until You Say the Answer," said Geoffrey.
"That's outrageous!  Surely we're entitled to a comfort break.  This is only an after dinner parlour game, after all."
"It Matters To Me," replied Geoffrey. "And you said I could choose as it's my birthday, and you two would play along."
"Yes but - "
"If you let me down now I'll never be able to trust either of you again.  Come on now.  What's orange, has three noses...."
"Oh we give up.  Just tell us the answer and put us out of our misery."
"OK.  NOTHING, is the answer. A-hahahaha!" laughed Geoffrey. "Nothing!  You fools.  What on earth could it be?  There's nothing on earth that answers that hideous description. Tricked you!  I win!  A-hahaha!"
"Are you all right, T-G?" I asked.  The Tupfinder General was turning an un-natural shade of purple. "Is that steam coming out of your ears?"
"Never mind that. I can hear someone scurrying about outside.  And am I the only one who can smell newspaper?"

more later.